Our church is a community of people that strives to:

    Love Jesus. Love Each Other. Love Our World.

    We strive to make God known by our passionate love for Jesus, genuine love for one another and compassionate love for the world God has created.


    The mission of Providence is essentially God's mission. We do everything we do because we want to see more people come into a joy-filled, saving relationship with God through Jesus.

    Whether you are looking for a new church family or seeking to learn more about Jesus, we look forward to meeting you.

    Want more information about what we believe? Ask us for our Statement of Beliefs.




    At Providence we acknowledge that none of us make the cut. We fail to meet our own standards for others, let alone God’s standards for His creation.


    Thankfully, the Bible tells us that God loves imperfect people like you and me. God shows us his love by sending his Son Jesus into our world to set us free from the impossible burden: being good enough for God.


    The life, death and resurrection of Jesus is more than a story in some ancient book. It is relevant to us today because it gives broken people an opportunity to enjoy an unconditional relationship with a loving God. This is what we believe the gospel is about, and that is indeed good news!


    At Providence, we believe that the foundation of Christianity is 
    'Do something for Jesus!' 
    'Jesus has done everything for you.'



    If you are not sure about Jesus and want to find out more about what we believe, we'd love for you to join our Coffee & Jesus group where we chat about Christianity in a casual environment.


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    We are so pleased that you're interested in our community.

    Here are a few ways you can connect with us:


    We warmly welcome everyone to meet with us on Sunday evenings.

    We meet every Sunday, 5PM at the Sunnybank Bowls Club.


    During this time you can expect Bible teaching, prayer and singing to God. Our time together will be relaxed and welcoming and there is plenty of time to get to know us over dinner, in one of the nearby restaurants.

    There is no dress code so please come as you are.


    Children are warmly welcome but at this stage, Providence does not have a crèche or play group.


    Are you new to Christianity?

    Do you have burning questions from the Bible? 

     Do you have questions and doubts about Jesus?



    Coffee & Jesus is an important part of the Providence Community because we acknowledge that some parts of Christianity can be hard to grasp, and we want to give you the space to explore the Bible at your own pace. 

    Led by a few of our friendly church members, you will have the opportunity to chat about Jesus, with others, in a casual and relaxed environment.


    Providence doesn't just meet on Sundays. During the week, our church will meet in smaller mid week groups called Missional Community Groups. 

    We meet during the week because we acknowledge that being a Christian is not always easy, so we meet to love, serve, support, pray for and encourage one another with the Bible.


    Our Community Groups are also missional. Together we pray for, witness to, and seek to love our city and world. Together we want to bring the treasure of Jesus into our city and world through acts of love, service and mercy.


    We're all different. We're all imperfect. We're all in this together.

    No matter your history, work title or background, we believe that you can belong here.

    To help you get to know us, here are a few people who are part of the Providence community:

    Pastor: Mikey

    Mikey is the lead pastor of Providence Community Church. He met his wife Heidi in Sydney, and they have been married for 5 years.

    Before his life as a pastor, Mikey lived day to day not knowing why Jesus was relevant to his life. After a car crash that triggered a genuine search for identity and purpose, Jesus saved Mikey and gave him a purpose and passion for teaching the Bible to others.


    After completing a Law Degree, Mikey moved to Sydney to study theology at Sydney Missionary Bible College and in 2014, had a blast serving as the Hon. Assistant Pastor of GracePoint Presbyterian in Sydney.


    In his spare time, Mikey is a bit of a movie buff, a coffee snob and an avid fan of the NBA.



    Although Addie grew up in a non-Christian home, at a young age she was already questioning the point and purpose of her life on earth. She was introduced to church through a youth group where she found a connection to God. Through Bible reading and singing to God at church, she found her life's purpose in living for Jesus, who in his love and mercy made a sacrifice for all.


    Although a shy girl, Addie loves singing and her creative hands make her a fabulous floristry student, guitarist and pianist!

    Read Addie's Providence Story here.



    Billy used to think life was all about success. Life was about chasing after the latest things and striving hard for achievements so that he could be respected. Despite his efforts, there always seemed to be something that he didn’t have, or someone who had achieved more. When Jesus reached down into his life he realised that life was about something greater. Because of Jesus, Billy’s sense of worth now comes from knowing and being known by God.



    Billy is a Graduate Architect and loves hanging out with his wife Grace, and their dog Wally. He has a strange tendency to touch buildings to gauge their textures, loves soccer and enjoys long drives (preferably in a car that’s both Swedish and vintage).

    Read Billy's Providence Story here.




    Growing up, Heidi refused to believe that God could accept a messy, 'sinful' girl like her. Despite the happy mask she wore around others, the short-lived highs of parties, boys and popularity left her feeling weary and empty. It was in her emptiness that Heidi explored the Bible for herself and found genuine joy in the God who came into the world to heal the very people that society considered unlovable.

    Heidi works in marketing and loves fresh coffee, singing along to Disney flicks, grooving to old school RnB beats and playing with her furry son, Simba.


    Read Heidi's Providence story here.




    Andy grew up in the Northern Rivers of NSW and is the second child to two loving parents who raised him at church and taught him the love and joy of Jesus Christ. Andy cruised through his early life learning about God, but it wasn’t until he was 15, that Jesus revealed to him through the Bible that Christianity is a life choice, not just something to do on a Sunday. 



    Andy is a Commercial Analyst for Queensland Treasury. He is smiley, sarcastic and loves to have a joke. In his spare time he loves to be close to nature whether it’s a picnic in a park, a lazy afternoon at the beach or getting back home to enjoy farm life.


    We warmly welcome you to join us on our Sunday gatherings.

    Providence meets at the Sunnybank Bowls Club on the corner of Gager and Turton Streets.

    There is plenty of parking on-site and on surrounding streets.


    Doors open at 4.30pm for a 5pm start.


    Providence Community Church is supported by the following churches and church planting networks.

    Geneva Push


    Mikey & Heidi are fully assessed and recommended church planters of the Geneva Push church planting network.


    Southside Presbyterian Church


    Providence Community Church is a ministry of Southside Presbyterian Church in Eight Mile Plains. The team is supported by its leadership and elders.


    GracePoint Presbyterian Church


    Mikey & Heidi attended GracePoint Presbyterian Church in Sydney. In 2014, they were sent by GracePoint to plant Providence church in Brisbane and they continue to receive full support from them.



    Providence has a big vision to see more churches planted and the city of Brisbane saturated with the Gospel.

    If you would like to give financially to the work at Providence, please give via direct debit to the church bank account:


    Account Name: Providence

    BSB: 034 093

    Account No: 639 131


    Missed a week of church? Looking for encouragement? Not sure what we believe about Jesus? Listen to our talks online!

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